Q: Do we need to play by heart J. Maksymiuk piece ?

A: You are allowed to play with score in every stage of the competition (see Rules, point IX).

Q: How long is this piece?

A: The piece is around 6 minutes, without any repetitions.

Q: Is Scherzo Grandioso an obligatory piece ? Or can we choose between Mozart and Maksymiuk ?

A: Scherzo Grandioso by J. Maksymiuk is a piece written specially for The Piano Duo Competition, and is played without orchestra additionally to one of the pieces to choose with orchestra (Bach, Mozart or Bartok).

About Competition

The International Piano Duo Competition is an event of major importance in the Polish music life, especially in Białystok and the Podlasie region, where the concerts of the participants take place. For the numerous international group of piano players those “duet’s agons” are a chance to develop their artistic careers.