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Anastasia Gromoglasova, Lubov Gromoglasova – Russia

F. Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

S.Rachmaninov – Suite g-moll op.5

D.Shostakovich – Concertino

Ebe Müntel, Jorma Toots – Estonia

5th prize

F.Schubert – Fantasie F minor D.940

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

M.Ravel – La Valse

E.S. Tuur – Sonata for 2 pianos 

Sarah Wang, Susan Wang – USA

3rd prize

F. Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

G. Gershwin – 3 songs arr. P.Posnak

C. Saint-Saëns – Variations on a Theme of Beethoven op. 35

Zhvania Tamar, Jvania Nino – Georgia

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

F.Schubert – Fantasie f-moll op. 108 for 4 hands

M.Ravel – La Valse for two piano

I. Stravińsky – Feu d`artifice.Fantasie pour Grand Orchestre op.4
transc. for piano 4 hands by Otto Singer 

Lestari Scholtes, Gwylim Jansens – Holland

J.Brahms – Variations on a Theme of Haydn op.73

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

M.Ravel – La Valse

Ping Lok Chau, Ting Lok Chau – China

1st prize

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

C.Saint-Seans – Variations on a Theme of Beethoven op.35

Fr.Poulenc – Sonata for 2 pianos

Nadzieja Anna Chomicka, Emilia Anna Kurek – Poland

A.Dvorak – Slavic Dances op.46 no 6,7,8

F.Poulenc – Sonate pour piano a 4 mains

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

A.Arensky – Suita op.15,mov. II - waltz

H.M.Górecki – Toccata op.2

Victor Del Valle,  Luis Del Valle – Spain

2nd prize

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op. 73

F.Schubert – Allegro a minor op.144 D.947 for piano 4 hands

Fr.Poulenc – Sonate for two pianos

Proloque – Allegro Molto-Andante Lyrico-Epiloque

Polina Grigoryeva, Yulia Yurchenko – Russia

4th prize

I Stravinski – Concert for 2 pianos 

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op. 73

M.Ravel – Spanish Rhapsody

Carra Hesse, Laura Pauna – South Africa

V.Bucchi – Raccconto Siciliano (in 5 movements)

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

S.Rachmaninov – Suite No.2 op.17 for two pianos

Mirosława Lachowska, Egdar Wiersocki – Poland

F.Schubert-Allegro a minor op.144 D.947 for piano 4 hands

J.Brahms – Hungarian Dances: No.1 G minor, No.3 F Major No.4 G major, No.5 F-sharp minor

F.Chopin – Rondo C-dur op. 73

C.Saint-Seans – Danse macabre op.40

V.Lejsek – Brazilian Dances

Sonja Loncar, Andrija Pavlovic – Serbia

C.Debussy – Petite Suite for piano 4 hands

B.Britten – Introdiction and Rondo alla Burlesca no 1 op.23

F. Chopin – Rondo C-dur op.73

Kim Helweg – Variations on Chick Corea`s theme "La Fiesta"

About Competition

The International Piano Duo Competition is an event of major importance in the Polish music life, especially in Białystok and the Podlasie region, where the concerts of the participants take place. For the numerous international group of piano players those “duet’s agons” are a chance to develop their artistic careers.